Want to find out how you can move more effectively in Potion Permit? Check out this diagonal movement guide!

Potion Permit is a game where you will be going around a very big world, looking for ingredients and using those ingredients to craft the best potions possible.

You will be moving a lot in this game, so in this guide, we will be talking about Diagonal Movement and how does it work. Let’s get started.

Diagonal Movement Guide – Potion Permit

Potion Permit will have you walking around a very big map. You will be visiting tons of little villages and towns, scary dark dungeons to gather mining resources and long and unending forests filled with monsters.

That is why you will need to be constantly on the move and you’ll need to know how to properly move.

You can move diagonally in the game. Simply hold the button up and then to the left or right side. This is how you can move at almost any angle.

If you cannot do this in the game, it is probably because you have VSYNC turned OFF. You will need to turn it on. The game currently has some issues with the 144Hz rate. So make sure to turn it on and you can move diagonally again.

The problem seems to be caused by a high framerate, and every monitor with a framerate of more than 144 Hz will cause it. Also, the more frames per second you have, the faster you go in any direction except diagonally.

Oh, and the diagonal glitch will appear again if you turn vsync off, leave/exit the game for a little, and then come back to it. To repair the issue, you will first need to turn vsync back on, and then you will need to turn it back off.

We hope that this guide has helped you out with moving on the diagonal sides. Have fun moving around!

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