Check out this guide and find out How to Increase Relationship Level in Potion Permit!

Potion Permit is a game where you will be in a very sweet and relaxing world filled with a lot of characters. Your job will be to make potions and friends.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to Increase your Relationship level with random characters. Let’s get started.

How To Increase Relationship Level Guide – Potion Permit

Potion Permit is a game where you’ll be making Potions by gathering ingredients outside in a dangerous forest and caves. But there’s more to it.

This game offers very unique and interesting characters that you can meet and interact with.

Not only that, you can raise the Relationship level with them and become Friends! There are certainly some ways that you can do in order to increase this relationship level. Here are some of the best options for it:

  • When you talk to someone, your friendship will grow a little bit. It is possible to do this once a day.
  • When you treat someone in your clinic, your friendship with them gets a big boost. This can only be done when they are sick, of course. Make sure to help them right away!
  • When you give someone some Moon Cloves, your friendship with them gets a big boost. These are rare items, and people in Moonbury know how important they are as gifts. In Potion Permit, these are the only things you can give as gifts. In games like Stardew Valley, you can give other things as gifts.

Once you have filled a person’s friendship bar all the way up, you will need to upgrade your trust level with them to make it go up any further.

Every time you reach a new level of trust, it will take more work to fill the new, empty friendship bar.

When a character’s friendship bar is full, a padlock will appear next to it. This means that you have to do something, which will increase the character’s trust in you.

These come in the form of quests or events, and you can find out how to start them on any of the noticeboards around Moonbury, just like you can for any other event.

Some of these quests will have you make a potion for your character, while others will just have you watch some events.

Keep in mind that these quests don’t become available right away when a character’s friendship bar is full. You’ll have to wait until the next day to start.

That is everything you need to know about raising the Relationship and Trust level with random characters in Potion Permit. We hope that this guide was helpful and aided you in making some new friends. Have fun!

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