Get your Fishing Rod and start fishing in Potion Permit!

Potion Permit will have you crafting one of the most interesting types of potions that you have experienced. To get ingredients, sometimes you will need to fish though.

In this guide, we will be talking about how to get the Intermediate Fishing Rod. Let’s get started.

Intermediate Fishing Rod Guide – Potion Permit

Potion Permit offers a lot of activities for you to do. You will go scavenging for supplies, harvesting flowers and trees for ingredients, and hunting down monsters for their parts. Everything that just needs to be added to the cooking pot for crafting the perfect potion.

Another very cool thing that you can do is fishing. When fishing there is a chance to actually level up and get a very cool Intermediate Fishing Rod.

When going through the levels of the Fishing Rod you will come to need the Intermediate Fishing Rod. To get it simply you’ll need to catch 100 fish with any type of Fishing Rod.

If you want to be able to fish at level 3, you need to keep fishing until + becomes ++ and then MAX. On the first quest, you go to the park. The ship is at the end of the second quest.

For the second quest, you will have to fish for 3–4 hours. You can go get that fish for Lean Romantic Line after you finish the second quest.

Players have been experiencing bugs with this issue, so if you are one of them simply write a message or apply a bug report on Steam to the developers.

That is everything you need to know about getting the Intermediate Fishing Rod in Potion Permit. We hope that this guide was helpful. Happy fishing!

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