The town is in need of a great Chemist! It's time you've learned how to make potions in Potion Permit. Check out this guide!

The people of Moonbury need to get better, and you’re the best chemist around. In this open-ended sim RPG, you’ll need your tools, a brewing cauldron, and a dog friend to help you figure out what’s wrong, gather ingredients, make potions, and heal people.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to craft Potions. Let’s get started.

Potions Guide – Potion Permit

You will first come across the potions in Potion Permit when you will need to heal the sick daughter of the rich man – Myer. You will be given a task to craft a potion that will help to do so.

In order to be able to brew potions in Potion Permit, you will need to go outside in the world and first start collecting ingredients. You will want to travel to the forest to gather:

  • Plants
  • Materials
  • Monster parts

These are the essential items that you will need in order to forge and craft the potion exactly that you will need. However, make sure that you first have the skills necessary to defeat all the monsters and protect yourself while collecting plants.

You will notice that there are lots of enemies to look out from in the woods.

After collecting all of the ingredients that you need to craft a potion, you will head home to your Potion’s House. Here you will find a big pot and you can begin brewing.

Now while inside the cooking menu, you will select the potion needed. And then it will give you a pattern that you will need to place ingredients in. You must choose the correct ingredients that will come in different shapes.

You will place them together and get the correct recipe that you wanted to craft. Once you’re ready and you’ve placed them all inside, you can hit the Start brewing button and you will wait until it gets finished.

There will be a very cool animation of the potion actually getting crafted. If you are successful in crafting when the cooking pot opens you will get the potion that you originally wanted. It will look something like this:

This is how you get potions in Potion Permit. Once you have gotten Moonbrine you will head back to Myer and save his daughter from the sickness. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide was helpful and aided you in cooking many potions in Potion Permit. Have fun!

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