Xiao's request is difficult. Check out this guide to complete this quest in Potion Permit!

In Potion Permit you will be meeting with a lot of characters. Some of them are main and much-needed in the story while others are just filler characters. Xiao is one of the main ones.

In this guide, we will be talking about how to fulfill his Request to craft you a Cauldron for cooking Potions. Let’s get started.

Xiao’s Request Quest Guide – Potion Permit

First of all to be able to actually begin this quest you will need to go to the Town Hall. This is a building which is placed in the center of the village and is the biggest one there. You cannot miss it. You will need to get there somewhere in between 8 AM to 3 PM.

Once you get inside you will find Xiao and he will introduce you to Runeheart. This is a girl NPC who will help you out and unlock a lot of things that you will need to progress through the game.

You will get to the chemist’s house and then you will need Runeheart to actually fix the cauldron that wasn’t working in order for you to be able to fix up your Potions. This is the Xioa’s Request. She will get working on it and after just a quick cutscene it will be up and running.

Now once it’s ready to be worked on you will need to actually make some materials and recipes for it. You will need to craft these items:

  • Neutralizing Herbal Balm
  • Wound Cleanser

You will need to interact with the Cauldron and you will get inside the working menu. You can use this item to craft all the potions that you need. After a while, you can also upgrade this structure for better and stronger potions.

You will need to select the two items that are listed above and then choose the ingredients that you have in your inventory to be able to craft them.

The recipe that you will need to craft in order to craft the Neutralizing Herbal Blam. As you can see, you will need to put the elements in this very same order and you will get a perfect potion crafted.

This is the recipe that you will need to use for crafting the Wound Cleanser. It is just completely filled with water ingredients that you will need to use. Then just click the craft button and after the cutscene and animation, you will have these items.

Now just go back to the Town Hall and talk to Xiao. This is how you complete his Request and the quest.

We hope that this guide was useful and helped you out a bit when doing this task. Happy crafting!

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