Check out this guide to find out which are the best weapons that you can use in Project Lazarus!

Project Lazarus is a robot wave-fighting game where you are assigned to defeat as many incoming monsters as possible. On your robot, you can equip different weapons which can vary on how your playstyle actually goes. Knowing what the best weapon to use in this game will surely make killing monsters easy.

This guide will show you the best weapon to use in Project Lazarus.

Best Weapon to Use – Project Lazarus

Start using the speedster in this game and equip it with the following weapons:

  • X2 Damage
  • X2 Gravity
  • X1 Attack Speed
  • Double Pulse Cannons
  • Double Cosmic Guardians

With this combination, you can get a really high ranking score in this game, and melting monsters will be a walk in the park, you will simply need to run around the area and hold your attack button. Everything will get cleared out, just make sure to watch out for the giant monsters.

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