Time for you to find out if you can use Auto-Aim in Project Lazarus!

Project Lazarus is a robot fighting game where you build your robot to fight against different waves of monsters. To upgrade these robots, you will need to get better and stronger weapons for upcoming waves of monsters. Securing the highest-quality equipment for your robots will surely get you the peak performance out of each fight.

This guide will show you if you can use Auto-Aim in Project Lazarus!

Can you Use Auto-Aim (Find Out!) – Project Lazarus

In this game, there is currently an Auto-Fire option that players can use to ensure that monsters will get hit constantly. The community has been speaking with the developers a lot to see if Auto-Aim is available.

So far Auto-Aim is not officially available for this game, but the developers have been saying that they will create some type of prototype that will allow you to aim automatically at monsters during fights.

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