Project Lazarus: How to Make a Better Score

Let’s learn how you can make a better score in Project Lazarus!

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Project Lazarus is a robot fighting game where you build your robot to fight against different waves of monsters. To upgrade these robots, you will need to get better and stronger weapons for upcoming waves of monsters. Securing the highest-quality equipment for your robots will surely get you the peak performance out of each fight.

This guide will show you how to make a better score in Project Lazarus!

How to Make a Better Score – Project Lazarus

When you start a fight, you will be given the most basic robot. As you slowly defeat monsters, you will get additional points that you can put into different weapons and traps.

The game will begin at level 1 and slowly raise levels as you progress through monsters. The best way to earn more points in this game is to focus your upgrades at 1 specific section.

Getting the last upgrades for 1 section will get you a ton of benefits and allow you to win higher level wave fights much easier.

With higher level wave fights being cleared out easy, the score that you get will raise up easily as well.

You can always try to do a mixture between attacking robots and see what type of play style suits you best.

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