Project Lazarus: Weapon Evolution Guide

Check out this guide to find out how the weapon evolution works in Project Lazarus.

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Project Lazarus is a robot fighting game where you build your robot to fight against different waves of monsters. To upgrade these robots, you will need to get better and stronger weapons for upcoming waves of monsters. Securing the highest-quality equipment for your robots will surely get you the peak performance out of each fight.

This guide will show you how weapon evolution works in Project Lazarus.

Weapon Evolution Guide – Project Lazarus

Weapon evolution is available for the weapons that can be equipped in the top row. Once this weapon reaches level 10 you will have the ability to upgrade it once again which means evolving it.

Once you press install on the weapon, you will need to get inside the circle of might that can be shown on your screen where you are fighting most of the monsters. Once you are inside that circle, stay for a longer period of time until it fully fills up.

Once all of these steps are completed, you will finally obtain your evolved weapon in Project Lazarus.

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