Redout 2: All Tracks List

This guide will present to you all of the Tracks List from Redout 2!

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This racing game is very exciting, fun and tries to always keep up your adrenaline. There plenty of races that you will need to pass during the game and all of them are under different names. If you want to learn and see the Tracks List from Redout 2 read the following text from this guide.

Let’s see the list from all tracks in Redout 2.

All Tracks List – Redout 2

1. Mount Fuji – Rainbow Forest

Really fast green plane-machine that will drive through the different areas from Rainbow Forest.

2. Mount Fuji – Dragon’s Gates

One more with the same fast plane that this time goes trough the Dragon’s Gate.

3. Mount Fuji – Path of Wonder

With the third race, you will get the ability to see the Path of Wonder.

4. Old Cairo – Neo Calima

Time to have a ride  in the Old Cairo region. The forth track will be there.

5. Old Cairo – Qasr Al-Nile

Also one more amazing track from Old Cairo region.

6. Old Cairo – Tahrir

More sculptures and other objects on the side road from Old Cairo. You will love this track because they are extremely exciting with many rotations and swings.

7. Mars Memorial – Faith Town

More swings, speed and excitement! The Mars Memorial in Faith Town is the 7th track race.

8. Mars Memorial – Orbiter

Similar to the previous with extra ads and abilities.

9. Mars Memorial – Perseverance

One more in the same area and background, different name and objects.

10. Tartarus Mines – Tantalus

This area and tracks have a little darker lightings and objects that make the full area a little creepy but is still worth driving.

11. Tartarus Mines – Sisyphys

Sisyphys is another are from the Tartarus Mines that will have some extra odds.

12. Tartarus Mines – Ixion

Ixion track will give you the feeling like you’re driving through hell. Enjoy the adrenaline.

13. Mariana Trench – Nereus

One more interesting area that will make you feel that you are driving through NASA’s equipment.

14. Mariana Trench – Ahti

Similar to the previous, but with more tunnels and interesting objects with specific colors.

15. Mariana Trench – Nuliajuk

Nuliajuk is the last part from this group and you will love the spped you can drive with in this track.

16. Cloud Ocean – Aura

Time to visit the clouds and feel the Aura there. This track is designed that way and will take you up to the sky.

17. Cloud Ocean – Libeccio

Houses, rocks, swings, turns etc. One more track worth driving on.

18. Cloud Ocean – Mistral

Tress on the sky? Yes! Mistral track will allow you to see that and drive next to them.

19. Neo Tokyo – Neo Roppongi

Time to drive in the modern area. Neo Roppongi is the first track from New Tokyo.

20. Neo Tokyo – Neo Shibuya

This track will lead you through different exciting and colorful tunnels.

21. Neo Tokyo – Neo Shinagawa

The last track from the New Tokyo region that will show you also the other part from the city. Enjoy!

22. Genesis – Lunar City

The first track from Genesis list of track will be on the Luna City track.

23. Genesis – Cain’s Flats

Next you will see the Cain’s Flats! This track like all of the second track from the other regions will give you some extra excitement!

24. Genesis – Neumann’s Outpost

And the las one form Genesis are is the Neumann’s Outpost. From here you will be able to jump into other dimensions from the track until you reach the aimed location.

25. Origin Black Hole – Sputnik

Sputnik is the first one from the Origin Black Hole list tracks.

26. Origin Black Hole – Voyager

Same as the name this track has, you will have an amazing voyage on it!

27. Origin Black Hole – Cassini

And the last from the Original Black Hole track group, and the whole list in general is the Cassini track.

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