Trying to see what Return to Monkey Island has to offer? Check out this guide to find out everything you need to know.

Return to Monkey Island is the creator of the series, Ron Gilbert, coming back in a surprising and exciting way to continue the story of the legendary adventure games.

In this guide we will be telling you Everything You Need to Know about it. Let’s get started.

Everything You Need to Know – Return to Monkey Island

Monkey Island is back everybody! It is making us excited as ever. The vault for Digital and LucasFilms Games are finally collaborating on yet another epic adventure. According to what we’ve seen in the trailer so far, it will be the story of Tripwood in which he finally found the secret to Monkey Island!

Things will be very different in this game. Elaine Marley will no longer be a governor as before. Young pirate leaders that were led by captain Madison have shifted the old guard from his power.

The island as we can see from the trailer has taken a turn for the worst. It looks very bad! But the famed businessman Stan has been imprisoned for marketing-related crimes too.

The game though boasts to have created a clever evolution of classic adventure game controls.

We will get context sensitive interactions and relative dialogue trees and a very easy to use inventory system. All of these things sound great! Pirating will be a breeze!

It also supports a new graphical style that promises to be at the very least an interesting view of an old classic.

The exploration and the vastness of the world will be much bigger than before. Besides the Old Stomping grounds now we will have a chance to go to new islands and locations that have never been seen before! Some of them are the Chilling Outpost and Terror Island!

We are getting all the same characters from before that we have fallen in love with and better than that, they will have the same voice actors! This is absolutely fantastic news!

According to Money Island Wiki, the game will begin in the Big Whoop Amusement park. Ron Gilbert, the developer, has not yet defined this game as a sequel so it leaves us guessing what there is to come and expect.

There will be very new locations to explore and new characters to meet. We will actually be able to go to the locations on those islands that were before just in the background. Now we can actually explore all of them! What a thrill indeed!

Similar to the previous games this time there will be difficulties to select from when playing this game. There will be in total:

  • Easy mode – for newcomers to the series
  • Standard mode – for veterans

There will also be a build in hint system that should help out any player that might take an interest in the game.

That is all we have so far! We are expected so much indeed. If you are wondering about this game too, make sure to check out this YouTube Trailer of the game. Have fun!

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