Return to Monkey Island: How to Claim Horse Armor After Pre-Purchase

Check out this guide this guide to see how you can claim the horse armor after pre-purchase in Return to Monkey Island!

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A new Monkey Island game is coming out soon! It is said to be better than ever and also has all the nostalgia elements with it making us very excited about it.

In this guide we will be talking about Horse Armor in the game and How to Claim it after Pre-Pruchase. Let’s see what’s it all about.

How to Claim Horse Armor After Pre-Purchase – Return to Monkey Island

People have been wondering how to claim their horse armor if they have pre-purchased their game.

Well if you wondering the same, it is not a thing. You are not getting the Horse Armor in your Steam inventory as you have thought.

The game is not out yet, so you will need to wait until it gets released until you are able to get your Horse Armor.

That is it! We hope that this guide has cleared out some questions that you might have had. Have fun waiting for the game to come out!

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