Return to Monkey Island: Is Linux Supported? (Find Out!)

Playing on Linux and wonder if Return to Monkey Island is available there? Check out this guide to find out!

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Return to Monkey Island will be the new big thing in the world. If you are a veteran of the game you must be dying of excitement and anticipation of the release date.

In this guide, we will be talking about the Platforms and whether is Linux actually Supported for this game. Let’s find out.

Is Linux Supported? (Find Out!) – Return to Monkey Island

Linux might just be the future of gaming since a lot of new games out there are starting to combine with it.

To find out if Return to Monkey Island is will be on Linux will be to follow the developer’s quote that he wrote a couple of years back. It goes a little something like this:

“My Linux laptop … For working on the “game”, this shouldn’t be a problem once the engine runs on Linux. The few custom tools I use (Wimpy, for example) and all built from the same code the engine is, so once it’s working under Linux, they should compile as well.”

Do we have a direct answer that the game will be on Linux? – No.

Does this quote mean something and say that the game will be on Linux? – Maybe.

Who is to tell? By the looks of many gamers out there we are hoping and positive that this game will be available on the Linux. The chances are – It is Linux Supported.

But until we get some kind of stronger information about it, we just have to wait. We here in GamerHour will keep you posted so just be on the lookout!

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