Even more rewards are here! Let's get them.

There are two brand new updates codes that you can use in Reverse 1999 for the 1.2 patch update. With this update you can do various new events such as the Old Teeth And Worn Marks event and obtain various interesting rewards. The game also wanted to give everyone a little extra by giving you new exchange codes.

In this guide, I will show you the newest exchange codes in the 1.2 update for Reverse 1999.

1.2 Update New Exchange Code – Reverse 1999

How To Redeem The Exchange Codes?

To exchange the codes in Reverse 1999, you need to firstly be in the main menu and go to your settings. From there you will see an area called Exchange Code Rewards.

Press the “Go” button and you will get a new tab where you need to input two codes to get rewards.

To get rewards from the exchange codes, you need to write the following codes:

  • 9LRC9ZN

Use the codes as fast as you can because they are limited until the event lasts and won’t be able to get them in the near future.

What Are The Rewards?

After inserting the VERSIONUPDATE code, you will gain the following rewards:

  • x60 Clear Drop
  • x5000 Dust

After inserting the 9LRC9ZN exchange code, you will gain the following rewards:

  • x60 Clear Drop
  • x1 Picrasma Candy (Lasts 8 Days)
  • x1000 Dust
  • x12000 Sharpodonty

And there you have it. Those are the newest exchange codes that you can insert in the latest Reverse 1999 1.2 update and get various rewards.

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