Read this guide and find out how to pass the Crucial Choice challenge from the Old Teeth And Worn Marks in Reverse 1999!

How far have you come in the Old Teeth and Worn Marks event in Reverse 1999? There are different stages, and as you level up you`ll face more difficulties and it’s on you to figure out the way to reach the exit square. In this guide, you’re able to discover what you need to do to pass the 16th stage, known as the Crucial Choice Challenge. If you haven’t solved it yet read the text below and see what you need to do!

Stage 16 Crucial Choice Old Teeth And Worn Marks Guide – Reverse 1999

How To Pass Stage 16 – Crucial Choice Challenge?

To pass the stage successfully you`ll need to:

  • Defeat all creatures with 7 movement only
  • Reach the Exit Square

Sounds tricky right? Don`t worry there is still a way to pass it.

Crucial Choice – Stage 16 Movements

You`ll take care of the first creature with only 2 moves. Make yourself invisible and go through the wooden fence to defeat him.

Getting the second one is even easier. From the last point, you’ll need to only turn left and make him disappear. Just like it`s shown in the picture below.

Once you’re done with him you can slide directly to the Exit Square. That’s how you`ll finish the Crucial Choice Challenge with just 5 movements.

Hope this guide helped you to learn more about Reverse 1999, stay tuned for more and enjoy the game!

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