Rogue Legacy 2: All Prime Bosses Guide

Check out All Prime Bosses in Rogue Legacy 2!

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In Rogue Legacy 2 you have to defeat a set number of bosses to unlock the final boss. These enemies, Estuaries or Void Beasts, are servants and protectors of the castle’s mysterious king. Defeating the bosses will keep them dead for the rest of the game, but in the beginning, it might be a quite challenging task. There are a ton of powerful strategies and mechanics you can use against these bosses.

In this guide, we will show you All Prime Bosses in Rogue Legacy 2!

Rogue Legacy 2: All Prime Bosses Guide

Estuary Lamech Prime

This is the first boss, found in Citadel Agartha. He uses a combination of ranged and melee attacks during his fight, which means that you have to choose a class that will deal with both. It is recommended to use Valkyrie since two of Estuary Lamech’s projectile attacks can be blocked with Valkyrie’s class skill.

Void Beasts Byarrith And Halpharr

These bosses are a pair of skeleton pirates found at the end of Axis Mundi. You need the ability to keep your distance with the Ranger or Gunslinger, or the ability to deal high damage to multiple enemies like the Dragon Lancer or the Mage, which are highly recommended for this boss fight.

Estuary Naamah

You will have to be really patient if you want to defeat this boss. Estuary Naamah is a flower-obsessed boss that will attack you with walls of fireballs and Lily of the Valley blossoms. Don’t attack the boss while there are a lot of projectiles because you will make a lot of damage to yourself.

Just be patient for the projectiles to be gone and then make your hit. It is recommended to use a class like the Assassin and Duelist to defeat this boss easily.

Estuary Enoch

This is one of the most unpredictable bosses. Sometimes he will summon a large beam from the sky that vertically cuts through the arena. You have to stay on the side of the beam where he can’t hit you with the falling beam from the sky.

You can also avoid Estuary Enoch’s Void attacks by Void dashing through them. Better use Duelist or the Assassin because of their defense and mobility.

Estuary Irad

This boss is a trio of giant eyeballs. Because you can stand only on the two platforms directly next to the left and right eyeball, you will want to use a class with a close-ranged weapon. Make sure to avoid the constant volley of large projectiles from the eye.

Estuary Tubal

When Estuary Tubal set a fire on the ground, stay in the air by first double jumping to avoid the fire damage, then spin kicking three times off his large projectiles. He will also summon automatons which are invincible right after they are summoned. You have to destroy their four-hit shield and then hit them with several attacks to kill them.

 The Bard and Barbarian are recommended classes for this boss fight.


Jonah will fight you after you enter the Golden Gates in the first room of Citadel Agartha. He will use an upgraded version of your weapons and class skills. To avoid his throwable pizzas you have to destroy them with a spin kick and to dodge his slash attack you have to Void dash through it.


Cain is the final boss who uses the mix of all the attacks of all the Estuaries. He jumps and makes magma erupt when he lands like Estuary Lamech. He throws large rotating bones like Void Beast Byarrith, and he will send flaming buzz saws at you like Estuary Tubal.

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