Saints Row: A Car Named Simone Trophy Guide

One more on the list from the trophies you’ll need to get. This guide will show you how to get the Car Named Simone Trophy Guide in Saints Row.

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Saints Row is an open-action game, where you’ll have different areas to search, collectibles to get and face different enemies. There is as well the Simone Trophy Guide that can be taken after you accomplish some things lined in a row. Let’s get it!

A Car Named Simone Trophy Guide – Saints Row

First, you’ll need to unlock the ANT car because you’ll need the installed air control. You can get this car from Pony Express which will be automatically unlocked as the story continues.

You’ll increase your power by selecting the right driver from this row.

After you’ve selected your driver next you need to go to your garage to get the car and if you can install Nitrous for $7500.

Next step – Do a double backflip to unlock the “super air control” ability. You can do that as well in your garage.

After you unlocked the previous ability, go back inside again and this time turn on the “Super air control ability”.

Once you’ve activated the previous option, you’ll need to do 4 backflips in 1 jump.

Use one of the highest rocks there to do that. After the 4th backflip you’ll be able to get the A Car Named Simone Trophy.

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