Saints Row: Chaos Tamer Trophy Guide

Check out this guide to figure out how to get the Chaos Tamer trophy in Saints Row!

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Saints Row is an amazing free-roam open action game where you get to enjoy various missions and complete interesting secret side missions which can unlock trophies, and even cool new assets for your game. Saints row has a ton of trophies that you can earn by doing special tricks. Some of them are hard to obtain, others will require you to be creative!

This guide will show you how to obtain the Chaos Tamer trophy in Saints Row.

Chaos Tamer Trophy Guide – Saints Row

To get this trophy, you will need to hunt down 6 members of the Collective. These 6 members are located in different areas and will require you to go there and hunt them down.

Collective Member #1

This first collective member will be killed automatically once you’re on the story mission called “Be Your Own Boss”.

Collective Member #2

The second collective member will also be automatically killed once you reach the story mission called “Idol Threat”.

Collective Members #3 & #4

There two collective members will meet their faith once you reach the “Going Overboard” story mission and kill all required enemies.

Collective Member #5

The fifth collective member can be found in this area of the map. It’s important to know that you need to build a venture here first. The location can be found in the Old Town West.

Once the threat is available, head over to the vandals and defeat the enemies.

Collective Member #6

The sixth and final collective member is called ”Litterbugs”. To get access to this collective member, you will need to open up the Wanted App and search him up there.

And boom! Just like that, you will obtain the Chaos Tamer trophy in Saints Row!

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