Saints Row: El Dorado – Heist The Plan Mission Guide

Do you play Saints Row, are you stuck on the planning on the El Dorado Heist? Well, this is the perfect guide for you.

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Saints Row is a game where you have to accomplish tasks and missions, one of these missions is you have to plan a heist called the El Dorado Heist. In this heist you’ll have to take a couple of pictures around ship.

Let’s see where those places are!

El Dorado: Heist The Plan Mission Guide – Saints Row

The First Location On The Ship:

The first location on the ship that you have to take a picture of, is the Employee Entrance. You can do this from outside of the ship.

The Second Location:

The Second location for a picture is going to the lowest level of the ship, and take a picture from the Ballroom Entrance.

The Third Location that you need to take a picture of:

For the Third Picture you’ll need to go to the top floor stairs. On one side of the stairs, you can find the Utility Centre. When you’ll find it, take a picture of it.

The Fourth Picture:

The place to take the Fourth picture is by going to the highest level of the ship. When you get there you need to take a picture of the Event Stage.

The Fifth And Last Picture:

For the last picture you’ll have to turn to your left and see the big sign that says “SECURITY”, those are the Security Offices. And you need to take a picture of them.

We really hope that this guide helped you, now go back and finish the planning, you crewmates are waiting for you!

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