Want to get an extremely fast car in the early game of Saints Row? Well than this is the perfect guide for you!

Saints Row has been getting a lot of mixed reviews. Some are saying it lacks certain elements while others have been enjoying the hell out of it.

In this guide, we will be talking about how you can enjoy it as well by explaining how to get an Extremely Fast Car Early-Game. Let’s get started.

How to get an Extremely Fast Cat (Early-Game) – Saints Row

Early on in the game, about the 5th mission actually, you will start a mission called A Piece of the Action. This is how it would look like on your mobile device in-game.

This mission essentially unlocks a mechanic that will allow you to mess around with vehicles and cars in the game. You can check on your map and you will have unlocked Jimrob’s Garage.

Once you do this you will get access to this and here you can do the side quests that are available for him. In one of the side quests, he will have you pick up 10 different cars and bring them to him.

By doing this quest and these sidequests you will get the Cash App in-game. This allows you to transfer money and you start earning money every hour when doing these quests.

The other thing it does is add the Contacts option. So as soon as you complete the mission you get the Vehicle Delivery.

You will need to access the Contacts and call this Vehicle Delivery. This will allow you to get whatever vehicle you have put as your favorite. When you complete the quest you will drive this vehicle.

Make it as your favorite and then when calling the Vehicle Delivery you will get it to come to you.

This is the fastest car in the game and you can have it even at the begging of the game. It does sound a little broken, but it is Saints Row! Everything is crazy and amazing in it!

That is it! That is how you get the fastest car in the game very early-game. Have fun driving it around!

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