Check out this guide to find out how you can obtain the Kitted Out Trophy in Saints Row.

Saints Row is an amazing action-packed game where you can explore the open world and complete various missions to earn rewards and complete the story of the game. In this game, there are a ton of trophies/achievements that you can obtain.

This guide will show you how to get the Kitted Out trophy in Saints Row!

Kitted Out Trophy Guide – Saints Row

This achievement can be obtained once you’ve fully upgraded a weapon. This can be rough at the start as you would need a lot of money and you must purchase the signature ability for the weapon that you want to fully max out.

Head over to any weapon store and pick a weapon of your liking.

Purchase the weapon, and start upgrading it. NOTE that for the last weapon upgrade, you will need to be player level 15 and to have around $130,000 to fully upgrade the weapon that you’ve purchased.

After the weapon has been fully upgraded, the kitted out trophy will be obtained!

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