You’ve been hit by some smooth moves! Check out this guide to figure out how to get the Smooth Moves trophy in Saints Row!

Saints Row is an amazing free-roam open action game where you get to enjoy various missions and complete interesting secret side missions which can unlock trophies, and even cool new assets for your game. Saints row has a ton of trophies that you can earn by doing special tricks. Some of them are hard to obtain, others will require you to be creative!

This guide will show you how to obtain the smooth moves guide in Saints Row.

Smooth Moves Trophy Guide – Saints Row

If you want to obtain this achievement, head over to the Crazy Chicken Dance Shop in East Flats and purchase 2 dance moves.

Once there, simply interact with the icon and the NPC and purchase any type of a dance move that you like. They are fairly cheap and can be easily obtained. You can purchase all of them if you like and have a full collection of the dance moves for your character.

After at least two have been purchased, the Smooth Moves trophy will be automatically added to your trophy collection for Saints Row.

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