Want to find out how you can get The Mechanic trophy in Saints Row? Check out this guide to find out!

Saints Row is an amazing action-packed game where you can explore the open world and complete various missions to earn rewards and complete the story of the game. In this game, there are a ton of trophies/achievements that you can obtain.

This guide will show you how to obtain The Mechanic trophy in Saints Row.

Saints Row: The Mechanic Trophy Guide

This trophy/achievement can be obtained once you’ve purchased a car and have fully upgraded it, including the signature ability for that car.

NOTE that you need to be player level 15 and have around $130,000 to fully upgrade your vehicle if you want to get The Mechanic trophy.

Head over to a garage where you can purchase and modify vehicles.

Select the car of your liking and begin upgrading it.

Once the car has been fully upgraded with the signature ability, The Mechanic trophy will be automatically added to your trophy collection!

And just like that, you now have a fully loaded vehicle to drive around in Saints Row, and The Mechanic trophy is all yours!

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