This Guide will show you how to pass the Wanted: Necromancer Mission in Saints Row.

Saints Row is a great open-world game filled with different missions and hidden collectibles that you can obtain if you want to unlock new and unique scenarios and character items. Wanted Necromancer mission will increase the adrenaline to the next level. Having the game fully completed to 100% progress will surely show you some funny features that you can enjoy!

Wanted: Necromancer Mission Guide – Saints Row

First, you’ll need to go to the dead drop location and pick up the burner phone.

To stop the necromancer you’ll need to get the car parked in front of the house from where you’ve picked up the phone and go to the cemetery.

Once you’re there prepare your weapon to defend yourself from all of the enemies there. Defeat the thralls.

The more you kill the more achievements you’ll get. After you kill the side people, next you’ll need to aim at the necromancer.

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