Salt 2: Best Loot For Making Gold Fast

Check out this guide to see the best loot that you can obtain for making gold fast in Salt 2.

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Salt 2 is a game where you’ll be a pirate and the biggest goal of any pirate is making gold!

Well, in this guide we will be talking about how for you to be able to make a lot of gold through the Best Loot for it in Slat 2, and in a very Fast manner! Let’s get started.

Best Loot For Making Gold Fast – Salt 2

There are certain items in Salt 2 that will get you tons of cash and money. You will need to be looking for the pearls:

  • Raw Pearl
  • Pearl
  • White Sand Pearl

They used to be worth 2 silver coins before yesterday. Yesterday there was an update that got the price of these pearls lowered. So the devs have lowered their price but still, they make for the best source of early money that you can make gold very fast.

To get these Pearls you will need to explore new islands and explore them. As you find a new island that hasn’t been revealed on the map you will be able to spawn those pearls on the island. Of course, it is an RNG chance but if you’re lucky you can get a lot of them.

Now you will need to walk along their beaches. It is an island which means that most of the surface will be a beach. Once here, you will look for the Clams that are on the beach. You will open their inventory and check for the pearls that they might have.

You will look for them inside the water or on the shore. There aren’t any particular clams that you need to look for to find the higher quality pearl, it is all just luck based.

So just walk around the beach and look for clams. Loot the clams and find the Pearls inside. Find a lot of pearls and then move to sell them. Profit!

That is everything you need to know about the best loot to make a lot of Gold Fast in Salt 2. We hope that this guide was helpful and you made you rich!

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