Salt 2: Can you Play on Steam Deck? (Find Out!)

You've finally gotten your hands on a Steam Deck and want to see if Salt 2 can be played there. Check out this guide to find out!

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Salt 2 is a procedurally generated open-world pirate game where the player must explore, create, and survive. Navigate your ship in whichever direction you like and discover uncharted islands hiding hidden tunnels, ruins, and pirate bases.

Can you play it on Steam Deck though? Well, in this guide you will find out. Let’s get started.

Can you Play on Steam Deck? (Find Out!) – Salt 2

Yes, you can!

Salt 2 is available to be played on the Steam Deck.

Although the developers have announced that they do not support Salt 2 and it is not ready yet to be played on the Steam Deck, players have taken it upon themselves to start playing and experience this game on the Steam Deck.

From their comments and experiences, this game works perfectly fine on Steam Deck.

So if you’re thinking about playing this game on the Steam Deck, think no further and simply go ahead.

We hope that this guide has helped you out and given you the answer that you were looking for. Have fun enjoying this game on your Steam Deck!

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