Make sure to know How To Navigate in Salt 2 by reading this guide!

Salt 2 is a pirate game that will see you sailing through the wide open oceans. Sometimes you can be stuck in the middle of the ocean and won’t know how to locate yourself.

That is why Navigating is very important. In this guide, we will be showing you How to Navigate in Salt 2. Let’s get started.

How to Navigate – Salt 2

To Navigate in Salt 2 you will simply have to make use of the Compass. Usually, the Compas will be placed on the deck, or on the ship’s steering wheel.

Another place where you can have the Compass is actually in your inventory. This is the recommended place to have it because no matter where you might be located at you can simply open it up and then check out the coordinates and the map of where you’re at.

If you use it while standing you can see the location of you in the lower mid part of your screen, as it is shown in the picture above.

If you are next to the steering wheel it is acting as a normal compass with N, or North, on the top side showing you in which part of the world you are steering.

When activating the Compass from your inventory you will want to open up your map right after. It will draw a little circle and show exactly where you are located at.

So simply use the Compass, open up your map, and see the Compass on your steering wheel. If you need to go west, you will take a left with your boat. If you need to go east, you will take a right with your boat and so on.

Just in-case some people don’t know how to read a Compass.

  • North or N – up
  • South or S – down
  • West or W – left
  • East or E – right

That’s everything you need to know about How to Navigate your ship in Salt 2! We hope that this guide was helpful and aided you in learning this very important skill. Happy navigating!

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