New to the leveling system in Salt 2? Need some help to figure out how to level up quickly? Check out this guide to find out!

Salt 2 is the newest pirate game that has been extremely fun to play and adventure in. There is a leveling system in the game but it hasn’t been clearly explained. Time to head in game and start leveling up properly!

In this guide, we will be explaining how the leveling in Salt 2 works. Let’s get started.

Leveling Guide – Salt 2

Leveling in Salt 2 is kind of not finished yet. You are able to see the levels and you level up but it doesn’t have a big impact on the overall gameplay.

The main because for this is that the skill trees haven’t been created for the game yet. There are a lot of fun things to find that will increase you just the same as leveling would though.

Suppose you have a level 3 in mining. Then you can only mine rocks made of copper. If you find a rock made of iron, you can’t mine it.

Once you’ve mined enough copper and gotten your skill to level 10, you can now mine iron rocks. The same for level 20, level 30, and level 40. With each one, you can mine the next level of rock.

So, when you first start, you’ll find a lot of rocks you can’t mine.

You can make better pickaxes that do more damage against rocks if you mine ores better. Mining is quick, so it’s not a big deal.

So if you want to level up a skill, just keep using that skill. But to get the real advantages as same as leveling up, you will want to find better gear. There are tons of gears and equipment that buffs up your mining, strength, speed and etc.

That is everything you need to know about Leveling Up in Salt 2. We hope that this guide has cleared out some stuff that you didn’t know from before. Happy leveling!

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