Salt 2: Lockpicks Guide

It's time to think like a true pirate and start lockpicking your way into anything. Check out this guide to see how to lockpick in Salt 2.

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Salt 2 is an open-world pirate game where the main goals are to explore, stay alive, and make things. Set sail with just your ship across an infinite procedural world. Discover quests, caves, towns, pirates, and secrets on islands.

To be a good pirate you need to unlock things. To unlock things you will need a Lockpick. Let’s see how to get one.

Lockpick Guide – Salt 2

You are able to create Lockpicks in Salt 2.

Players have been wondering about that since they are a very crucial item that is highly needed to unlock things and even progress deeper into the game.

They are costly and will come at a very big cost though, so keep that in mind when thinking about creating or even buying one.

To be able to craft them you will first have to get the recipe.

You will need to get the things needed in the recipe and then create one. If you do not have the items or the recipe for creating them, well then simply be looking everywhere around on top of tables.

This is their usually spawning location. Even if you do not find the recipe you should be having a lot of lockpicks by just finding them in the world.

That is everything you need to know about about the Lockpick in Salt 2. We hope that it helped you out to unlock more things and get more rewards. Happy lockpicking!

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