Do you want to know how to loot in the early game in Salt 2? Check out this guide to find out!

Salt 2 is an open-world pirate game where the main goals are to explore, stay alive, and make things. Set sail with just your ship across an infinite procedural world. Discover quests, caves, towns, pirates, and secrets on islands.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about looting in Salt 2.

Looting Guide – Salt 2

Wood Saplings

Wood Saplings can be found anywhere outside, but they can be mostly found in the parts where there’s sand.


Flowers can be found in the outside area mostly. You can take them from Bushes. Flowers can also give you Fiber. You need Fiber for quite a bit of crafting things.

Hunting Animals

In Salt 2 you can also hunt down Animals. Sometimes you can sneak up to the Animal and kill and but sometimes you have to chase it down.


While mining you’ll need a certain level of skill on mining because you can’t mine Iron if you are Level 5, you’ll need at least level 10.

Other Pirates

Pirates can be found throughout the Island. If you see a Pirate be careful, Pirates on the Island are not friendly. You can easily kill some of them, but some are a bit higher level then you.

If you kill them in their own camp, you can find Fiber, Barrels with a lot of different things inside of them, recipes and a whole bunch of stuff.

After you kill the Pirate you can use his camp to make some food.

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