Salt 2 Shores Of Gold: How To Pick Up Items

Want to pick up your items and make a better arrangement on your boat? Then check this out!

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Salt 2: Shores of Gold is a newly released survival game, where your focus is on sailing with your boat and exploring different islands, collecting different materials, and crafting weapons, armor, and plenty of different items that will help you survive and complete the quests from the story. For some of the items that you have, you are able to pick them up and replace them on another spot and make a different arrangement.

Check this guide and find out How To Pick Up Items in Salt 2: Shores of Gold

How To Pick Up Items – Salt 2: Shores Of Gold

There are plenty of items that you are going to make and purchase in Salt 2, and after that place them on your boat.

Sometimes you will want to replace the objects on your boat to make a different arrangement, or just simply you don’t need to use them anymore. There are two solutions that will help you out picking up the items.

The first solution:

The first solution is that when you hover over any item, you will get an option to use that item or to change the function.

If you choose to change the function, you will be able to pick up the item that you placed down, and it will go automatically into your inventory, then you can replace it back where ever you want.

The second solution:

The second solution is pretty simple. Go closer to interact with the item and press “R” on your keyboard and it will say “toggle”. Now, just press F, and you will pick up the item.

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