Salt and Sacrifice: All Shimmering Bud Locations (All Flask Upgrades)

Let’s upgrade the flasks and collect the shimmering bud in Salt and Sacrifice!

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If you are having problems with finding the shimmering bud locations then this guide will help you to go there. Save your time by following the directions shown in the following picture in this guide.

Salt and Sacrifice: All Shimmering Bud Locations (All Flask Upgrades)

Location 1: Ashbourne Village

Start by going left to enter the Root-Ceil Cavern.

Once you’re inside go as the road is leading you and enter the first hole so you can come to the underground exit that is leading you to the Greymoss Mire.

Once you are in the Greymoss Mire continue straight until you come to the first hook. Use your rope to climb it and enter the door that will lead you to the Graterstone Mines.

After you have entered the Graters stone mines go as the road is leading you and climb the wooden platforms.

You need to go until there are no more platforms and jump on the stairs located left above you the enter the Ashbourne Village like it’s shown in the picture.

Once you are there continue straight and go down the first stairs you see so you can enter the underground portal.

The road will lead you, next you need to jump on the hole located in the following picture and continue right.

After a few meters, you will see your first Shimmer Bud!

Location 2: Stonehall Dungeon.

To get the next, you should go through the same route: First, through the underground exit from Root Ceil Cavern enter the Greymoss Mire, continue straight, and when you see the hook jump to enter the Craterstone Mines.

This time you don’t go up, you need to enter the underground road marked on the following picture and enter the portal to the Stonehall Dungeon.

Once you are there jump on the first right platform and open the coffin to get your second lighting item.

Location 3: Bol Gerahn –Region

The third Shimmering Bud is so easy to get! Just Start from the Bol Gerhan Region, continue right as the road is leading you, go through the bridge and your item will be located in the place shown in the following picture.

Location 4: Creeping Caves

To get the 4th one, you also need to start from the Bol Gerhan Region, go right but this time underground and enter the Creeping Caves.

Go downstairs and follow the given direction in the following picture.

After you have passed the first down-rotated stairs there will be an electrical rope that you need to hang on and transport yourself to the other side.

Go as the road is leading you and jump inside the first right-placed underground hole on the place marked on the picture.

Continue and jump in the first hole with wooden platforms

Then go down like these arrows are telling you, and turn on the left side.

Next, you will need to jump on the platforms in front of you, as fast as you can because they are crashing.

Once you’re up jump on the platform and open the coffin so you can get your SB!

Location 5: Verdant Ruins

Start from the Corvius’ Mire Region and go right through the bridges.

Continue straight and use the light so the road can show itself and enter the door of the Verdant Ruins.

Once you are inside continue straight and then jump on the stairs located right and again go only straight.

Once you see the wooden par of stairs-climb them, turn left and continue straight.

After a few meters, you need to get out the light again so you can see the road.

Pass the road go straight and then downstairs, to get your 5th SB!

Location 6:Sentinel Caves

Start from the Dredstone Peak and go left until you see the blowing wind and jump on it so you can go up.

You will need to use your rope too, so you can get yourself on the top. Do it in the way shown in the picture.

Once you’re on the top enter the door on the right that will lead you to the Sentinel Caves to get your SB!

Go as the road is leading you, jump on the first wooden bridge platform and use your rope to countinue the road.

Continue to climb until you see par of platforms- climb them and collect the 6th SB!

Location 7: Elder Copse

Once you are there go right and enter the door.

Use your rope to transport yourself to the right platform.

Once you’re there use the first electrical rope to get down left and the second electrical rope that w will bring you down on the right side again.

Open the coffin and get your SB!

Location 8: Temple Of Embers

Start again from the Elder Scope Region, pass the teleport wind, go through the right stairs and then climb the stairs on the left.

Then continue straight and enter the Temple of Embers.

Use the electrical ropes to get yourself on the bottom of the Temple of Embers to get your last SB!

Now you have all of them!

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