Salt And Sacrifice: Corvius Mire Salt Farm

Let’s learn how to farm Salt and Corvius mire on Salt and Sacrifice.

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One of the things you need to do in Salt and Sacrifice is to farm Salt and Corvius Mire. To do that faster and to save time follow the instructions written in this guide.

Salt And Sacrifice: Corvius Mire Salt Farm

To start doing this task you will first need enough mage hearts so you can enter the tree, and have access above the starting area.

Once you’re there go left and use your rope to climb on the wooden platform shown in the picture.

Use the light to enlarge your way and enter the Great Tree.

Once you’re inside go zig-zag on the wooden platforms and jump on the last right platform next to the obelisk.

Rest yourself and then start going on the following path.

First, there will be 4-5 bleeders that you need to fight with. After you kill them return to the obelisk to rest, and that will respawn all enemies. In total, you will get 408-510 Salt per Run. 

You can repeat this procedure until you have accomplished your aim and the quantity of salt that you want to have.

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