Salt And Sacrifice: How To Duplicate A Save

Time to Duplicate your character in Salt And Sacrifice!

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When you want to duplicate your save file in Salt And Sacrifice you should do as this guide is telling you. Unfortunately, this duplicate method only works for PC, and if you want to aim for character progression follow the next steps written in this article.

Salt And Sacrifice: How To Duplicate A Save

As I mentioned before, this method only works for PC.

First of all, you will need to close the game and go open your file explorer, then open the document and find the Salt And Sacrifice Folder.

After you have opened the Salt and Sacrifice folder, you should copy the Save data folder to your desktop as a backup!

In the save data folder will be saved all the characters you create, and all of them will be called Dat Folder followed by a number.

Make a copy and place them in a separate folder. What is the key to successfully duplicating your character: Don’t use the same number in the same data folder when saving them.

After You have placed them in a different folder, for example, your documents folder, you can open salt and sacrifice and you will be asked if you want to sync from the cloud or locally- you should choose locally and you will have your character duplicated.

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