Time to learn how to farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice!

Salt and Sacrifice is a 2D game where you as a character are exploring different lands and is fighting different variants of monsters. In this game, there are stronger monsters such as Named Mages. These Mages can be fought once found and they give out great rare loot that will benefit the character. These bosses are hard to kill and sometimes will give you trouble.

This guide will show you how to easily farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice: How to Farm Mages

After you have defeated the Named version of the mage, you will be able to find the same mage while exploring. This version of the mage is not as strong as the boss.

A simple way to reset the spawning of the mages is to find it in the area that you are, kill it and remember the spawn point. From there you want to head over to the Partners Veil and re-enter the area where the mage was.

For most players, it’s common to find a mage on the right side of the Ashbourne Village.

When you fight the mages, mid-fight, they will teleport and go to a different location in the same area, make sure to follow the particles to see where he is going.

As you continue fighting it, it will descend in the ground and once its fallen down to the ground, make sure that you are fast and interact with it. Interacting with the mage will make you take its heart and get you good loot.

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