Check out How to Get Ashpyr Fast in Salt and Sacrifice!

Salt and Sacrifice is not just a game, it is a sequel to the much-acclaimed 2D Souls game, to the popular title, Salt and Sanctuary. This 2D action-platformer offers precise, technical combat and a strong narrative. In Salt and Sacrifice, you take control of an Inquisitor who’s neither dead nor alive. You are cursed to roam the lands and hunt down Mages.

In this guide, we will show you How to Get Ashpyr Fast in Salt and Sacrifice!

Salt and Sacrifice: How To Get Ashpyr Fast

To get Ashpyr fast, you will need to have access to Dreadstone peak. There you will have to farm the Eternal Guard.

This enemy has a very high chance to drop Ashpyr.

Check the images below to get to the exact location of the Obelisk.

You have to rest a few seconds by the Obelisk then go back to left in the same room where you will find 2 eternal guards.

Kill them and check if they drop any Ashpyr. You can go back to the Obelisk and repeat the same method to respawn the Eternal Guards.

Now, just repeat this method until you have the desired amount of Ashpyr.

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