Time to learn how to join the Shroud Alliance in Salt and Sacrifice!

Salt and Sacrifice has a ton of interesting weapons that players can obtain by exploring the lands and defeating monsters and bosses. These weapons come with their own specific mechanics which makes them different from each other. Many alliances and groups can be joined so you join forces with them and be even stronger!

This guide will show you how to join the Shroud Alliance in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice: How To Join The Shroud Alliance

To begin your journey, you must head over to Bol Gerahn and enter the Temple of Bol Gerahn.

Begin climbing the temple and in the middle of the floors, you will find a stone platform and some purple smoke coming out of a bag. Inside the bag, you can obtain the Steel Key.

Once you’ve obtained the key, continue climbing towards the top of the temple until you reach the secret door.

The secret door will be located right next to 3 wooden plates and a sword slicing trap. You must quickly pass all 3 wooden plates and make it to the door without getting pushed off.

You then will enter a small room with some figures hanged around it and an NPC can be seen on the top stone platform.

Speak with the NPC and you will be asked a few questions. Simply answer yes to all the questions and the Shroud Alliance is going to be joinable.

If you go back to your camp, inside the Treachers’ Grotto where you can now find the NPC and speak with him and purchase Shroud equipment.

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