Let’s find out How to Level Up in Salt and Sacrifice!

Salt and Sacrifice is not just a game, it is a sequel to the much-acclaimed 2D Souls game, to the popular title, Salt and Sanctuary. This 2D action-platformer offers precise, technical combat and a strong narrative. In Salt and Sacrifice, you take control of an Inquisitor who’s neither dead nor alive. You are cursed to roam the lands and hunt down Mages.

In this guide, we will show you How to Level Up in Salt and Sacrifice!

Salt and Sacrifice: How to Level Up

Like in every other game, you should level up your character in Salt and Sacrifice. It is very important because it makes your character more powerful, that will make you easier to face stronger enemies and progress in the game.

There is a statue, Trifaul Idol, that will allow you to level up if you have the required amount of salt for each level.

To find this statue, you have to go to Pardoner’s Vale and find the Champion Hera. At the same area, make your way to the left and follow the stairs going up.

Once you reach the top, there will be the Trifaul Idol. You can interact with the statue and choose the option to level up.

You will be able to increase the attributes that you wish to level up.

Also, you can choose the option Tree of Skill, where you can upgrade your skills in the same way as your character level, but it will cost Black Starstones instead of salt.

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