Check this guide and learn how to parry in Salt And Sacrifice!

Salt And Sacrifice is a game where you will have situations in which you need to defend yourself. Parrying in this game is possible and will help you defend yourself against incoming attacks. It will also be great to get an upper hand against opponents.

This guide will show you how to parry in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice: How To Parry

To parry, you will need to deplete your enemy’s stamina which is different in every character, so every enemy you are fighting, has a different level of stamina.

Some of them may regenerate so you need to act fast. The best way to deplete their stamina is by blocking.

To make the perfect block, you will need to be blocking right before one attack, and after a few of those fast blockings you will see your enemy losing their energy.

However, keep in mind that some of the enemies can’t be staggered and you can learn the list of those who can be and all that by a blue crescent that shows one perfect blocking.

The ones that can’t be staggered will show a purple crescent when the blocking is perfect.

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