Grab your friends because it’s time to play Co-Op in Salt and Sacrifice!

Salt and Sacrifice is an adventure game that allows you to explore certain areas and fight great bosses. This game has recently added the co-op feature which you can use with your friends to play together and complete different quests and achievements.

This guide will show you how to play Co-Op in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice: How to Play Co-Op

To begin playing a Local Co-Op game with a friend, you need to press any button on a different controller and another menu will pop up, in there you will be able to write down a username and begin playing.

To play online Co-Op with a friend, you first must complete the tutorial and make it to the HUB world called Partners Veil.

Go down through the cave until you find the Cooperation Board.

Interacting with this board will allow you to join a lobby with a friend or host one.

To begin hosting, put in the code by pressing on the runes and hitting Host. You will need to tell your friend the code so they can join by typing in the code in the same place and pressing join.

To join a random player’s game, you will need to use a Pale Candle. This item will begin a Co-Op search.

To host a public match, you will need to be Guiltless and use a Guiltless Shard. You can obtain these by defeating the minions that are spawned by Mages.

Once you are guiltless, you can use the golden candle which is obtainable in Ashbourne Village. You can get the golden candle when you enter the cave that’s located on the left side of the village. You need to go to the middle-right exit of the cave to go to a different area.

In the other area, you will find a chest that contains the golden candle.

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