Salt And Sacrifice: The Nomad Trophy Guide

Are you also having trouble with finding The Nomad Trophy? This quid will help you.

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Salt and Sacrifice has multiple different collections to complete and trophies to get. The Nomad Trophy is also a part of this game trophies. So to save your time and grab the Nomad Trophy follow the directions written in this guide.

Salt and Sacrifice: The Nomad Trophy Guide

You need to pass through 3 different locations and you win the last fight so you can get the trophy. Let’s start!

Location 1: Ashbourne Village

So after you arrive at your first location go left, climb above the mountain and continue as the road is leading you.

Once the mountain shows its end, you will see one roller rope which you need to use to climb one more floor up.

Enter the door on your left and you will be inside the Ashpeak Castle, climb the stairs and there will be your first NPC.

Location 2: Bol Gerahn

Once you are there continue right and go until the road is ending. There will be one underground door that will bring you to the Creeping Caves.

Once you’re inside follow the next steps.

Go only down the rock road, and you will see one electrical rope that will transport you to the other side.

Continue going straight and downstairs.

When you arrive at the place shown down in the picture, climb the walls.

When the wall climbing is done jump on the right stairs, then turn left and continue only straight.

After a few meters, there will be your Nomad to talk with.

Location 3: Corvius’ Mire

On your third location, you should start by going right and climbing the stairs shown in the following picture and continue going as the road is leading you.

Once you arrive on the bridge from which you can’t continue your road grab the lighting so the light platforms can appear and will bring you one door you need to enter.

Once you enter the door you will be in the Great Tree and you need to climb up.

By using the sides of the Tree walls and you’re rope you need to climb until the end and reach the wooden stairs marked on the left side of the picture.

Continue right and exit the tree door.

Use your rope to pass the stage shown down here.

In the end, there will be one door, open the door, go downstairs get the lighting so you can make the portal appear. It will be on your right side and it will lead you to the Betrayal Crag.

Climb to the top and enter the door on your left. There will be your third NPC.

The Fight

The last you need to do is fight the NPC in Dreadstone so you can win the trophy and get the boss armor set.

To start the fight you need to pass some places. Once you are at your starting location go right and enter the Old Annex, go down then left.

As you continue going, you will see the wind that you need to hop on, and with a little help from your rope, you need to climb the steps located left above you like it’s shown down here.

The exit will be on your left.

Now that you have entered the Pilgrim’s Respite use your rope, continue left and follow the road flow.

After a few meters, there will be one hole in which you need to jump in

Go down, then continue left and use the light so the portal can appear and you can enter the Blasphemer’s Vault.

Once you’re there continue right, go down the platforms and continue left.

Go until the next pair of down-build platforms appears and jump in it.

You will have only one road to go through it and use your rope to transport yourself in front of the door shown in the following picture.

Once you enter the platform go up through the wind and get prepared for the boss fight and get your Nomad Trophy!

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