Let’s get the Scholar Trophy in Salt and Sacrifice!

One of the trophies you need to collect in Salt and Sacrifice is the Scholar Trophy. It’s a little more work to do than collecting some other trophies because you need to pass 5 concrete locations in different places. To save your time and find all the Scholars to talk with, follow this guide and thank us later!

Salt and Sacrifice: The Scholar Trophy Guide

Location 1: Ashbourne Village

Your first location is the Ashbourne Village and you start by entering the Root Ceil Cavern.

Once you are there continue straight and you need to let yourself fall into the hole between the stairs and the platform on the left.

You will need to fight against the opponents and as the road lead you, you need to enter the door under the platform like it’s shown below.

You need to go through the exit and continue straight and find yourself in Greymoss Mire.

At the end of the road, you need to go up on the big platform from your right as the road is leading you and to enter the door in front of you.

You will find yourself in the Craterstone Mines and again you will have to fight the living skeletons. You need to go up and continue straight for a few steps.

Once your up stick yourself to the wall above you and enter the first platform on your left so you can exit the Craterstone Mines.

You will be again at the Graymoss Mire, continue straight and jump on the next platform with your hanging rope.

There will be the entrance in which you will find your first NPC to talk.

Location 2: Bol Gerahn

Starting from the tireless exalted boss arena, you should move left and go upstairs.

Continue to climb, but be aware of the hanging machete when you arrive at the place shown in the following picture.

The road will lead you straight to the next stairs- climb them.

As the road is leading you up be aware of the next machete that can kill you.

Once you pass the machete you need to continue to go left again through the stairs.

Jump on the platform on your left when you see it and climb the next pair of stairs.

Once you are up there will be the next machete that you need to be careful with.

Continue straight the next machete will be in the place marked on the picture.

Go up again through the stairs and watch your head because there will be two bosses you need to pass carefully so you don’t lose strength. Jump on the platform to continue climbing the stairs.

Last you will arrive at the wooden stairs from which on your right will be an exit door- go through her.

You will need to go to the next floor to search for your NPC.

Go straight and continue climbing but watch the warring sign marked on the picture so you can espace the machete. You will see another exit door from which you will need to climb to the last floor.

Jump and go up like the following directions are showing you.

Small battle upon you with one of the bosses when you arrive at the place shown here and enter the portal behind him.

Once you entered the door there will be multiple platforms from which you need to reach the last by jumping and using your rope. From the last right standing platform, you will see the door in which your NPC is waiting for you.

Location 3: Corvius’ Mire

You will need your rope to start your journey, so jump and continue right like it’s shown down here.

On the second bridge, you need to pick up the item so you can light it and find your way. Enter the portal that will be in front of you after passing the light way to enter Verdant Ruins.

Once you are there go up through the brick road and wooden stairs on your left.

Be prepared you will need to come across and fight one more battle and carefully pass under one more round of rolling-knifes

Pull out the light again so the light road can appear again and use your rope to jump and reach the last platform.

Go downstairs, continue straight and there will be the third Scholar you are looking for.

Location 4: Dreadstone Peak

The 4th location you need to go through is the Dreadstone Peak. Just go straight and let the upside tornado help you go up.

Continue that way by using both- the helping wind and your rope until you reach the top.

Once you are in the place shown in this picture follow the steps, enter the door and get your NPC.

Location 5: Elder Copse

Only one more to go. Once you are there hop on the wind again and continue climbing the stairs on your right.

Continue by going in the directions shown down here, use the wind again and on your right side will be one door, in which you need to jump in.

After you enter the door, continue as the road is leading you, climb the wind and prepare your weapon for your last fight before getting the Scholar Trophy!

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