Salt and Sacrifice: The Soldier Trophy Guide

In this guide, you will learn how to get "The Soldier" trophy in Salt And Sacrifice!

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Are you having a hard time getting the Soldier trophy in Salt and Sacrifice? You just need to follow the instructions in this guide. You are going to see the walkthrough detailing the requirements and location of how to obtain the trophy in the game in a short time.

This guide will show you how to get The Soldier trophy in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice: The Soldier Trophy Guide

First, you need to visit Elder Copse.

Once you are at the 5th Region, you need to turn left and go on the stairs.

Next, you need to enter the entrance right in front of you.

You will find yourself in the winter area in which you should go straight to the next exit.

Once you’re inside, climb the wall so you can reach the top to start your conversation with the NPC in the Dread Stone Peak.

The NPC will at first be shocked that someone has reached out to him and then he will give you instructions and pieces of information about returning the Elder Copse to the NPC in the Pardoners Vale.

Your next NPC solider will be at the Pardoners Vale and you need to talk with him too. Once you enter the next portal you should go down the stairs to reach him.

After talking with him you will receive the earned Soldier Trophy!

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