Salt and Sacrifice: The Undone Sacrifice Boss Fight (Final Boss Battle)

It’s time to fight the final Undone Sacrifice and finish Salt and Sacrifice!

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Salt and Sacrifice has a ton of bosses that you will come across once you truly begin progressing the game. All of these campaign story-type games have their own story ending. Almost with all story endings, there are final bosses that you must defeat in order to complete it. The Undone Sacrifice is the last boss in this game.

This guide will show you how to defeat The Undone Sacrifice final boss in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice: The Undone Sacrifice Boss Fight (Final Boss Battle)

Once you reach the final part of the game, you will find the boss tied onto a tree. Hook him and let him fall down to begin the fight.

Once he spawns down, he will have a few abilities that he constantly rotates. If you learn how his abilities work, you will be able to kill him in no time.

The first and simple ability is his slash. The boss will slash at you with his scyte and try to damage you.

The Undone Sacrifice also has a simple dash ability where he dashes towards you just so he gets closer.

His next ability makes him float in the air and raise his hands. As he raise his hands, he will spawn wooden pikes that will randomly hit the ground and try to damage you.

He will sometimes jump up in the air and charge towards you with his scyte, he will smash the ground and create an AOE attack from which you can escape.

His next ability will make the boss stick his scyte in the ground which will begin summoning wooden spikes that go towards you.

Once you get the boss down to 5% health, he will fall down, giving you a chance to get to him, perform a finisher and obtain his heart.

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