The Expedition Bosses are giving you troubles in Shatterline? Check out this guide to see how to solve them!

Shatterline is a very cool game where you’ll be dealing with very scary and big bosses. They are not the simple type of bosses that you see in games of this kind.

They have weaknesses and very strong patterns that they follow. That is why in this guide we will be showing you how to defeat the Expedition Boss. Let’s get started.

Expedition Boss Guide – Shatterline

First of all, when fighting this boss you will want to take out all of the Cyborg Stilts. They are these spiky-looking things that are all around the map.

They will slow you down and also damage you if you’re near them. To take them down simply shoot them a couple of times.

After you have taken all of them out, the Behemoth will start smashing the ground around him. The simple and easy method to dodge this is to simply get as far away as possible from him. He will start following your squad after this and you’ll keep shooting at the Cyborg Stils.

You will want to pick him off in his weak spots. Once you’ll do enough weakspot damage you will get him to a yellow bar and this time you will want to make a full-out shooting burst damage. If you are fast enough you can actually take him down to 40% HP.

After this burst of damage, he will start recovering his HP. Once his HP has those patterns on the left and right you won’t be able to damage him. Keep doing weakspot damage and take out the spikes.

You will want to keep focusing on the Stils again and when he becomes yellow once more, you will kill him this time. It is as simple as that.

That is everything that you’ll need to know about the Expedition Boss in Shatterline. We hope that this guide was helpful and aided you in the battle against him. Good luck!

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