Shatterline: How to Increase FPS

Shatterline is running a bit laggy and you want to increase your FPS? Well then this is the perfect guide for you!

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Shatterline is all about speed, accuracy, and being agile and on point. Doing all of these does require skills, but most of all you’ll need a stable and very high FPS.

That is why in this guide we will be talking about how to Increase your FPS in Shatterline. Let’s get started.

How to Increase FPS – Shatterline

In-Game Graphic Settings

First of all, you will want to go to the Graphic Settings In-game. This game has beautiful visuals and stunning effects. But when it comes to the FPS and performance it means that you will get much lower frames per second. That is why you’ll need to sacrifice those visuals for performance.

In the Graphic settings, this is what you’ll want to choose as your settings.

Basically, as you can see you’re switching everything to the lowest most possible option. This will of course lower your visuals but you might see a drastic FPS increase of over 20+ frames!

The Gamma, Brightness, and Sharpening don’t really change anything in the game. So you will want to leave them on 50 or change them to whatever you want. The FPS will not be affected by those 3 options.

Shatterline.exe File

You will want to navigate to where your game folder is located. This can be anywhere on your PC. If it is on Steam, you will want to go to your Steam folder and then find the game under the steammaps folder.

Once here you will need to locate the .exe file. Right-click it and hit Properties.

Then while here you will open the Compatability Tab. Here you will need to selected the Run as Administrator mode.

Other than that, you will want to hit Change DPI Settings and then you will activate the High DPI Scaling override option. This will make it so that your PC will give everything its got in order to run this game better.

Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling

Go to your Windows Search bar. This is usually located on the bottom left corner of your screen. Then while here you will want to type in Graphics Settings.

While here you will notice that on the top left corner you will get a hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling You will want to press On on it and you’ll get a very big boost on your game.

First of all, make sure that you add it to the list. As you can see, there is a Browse button too. Press it and navigate to where the Shatterline.exe is(usually in steammaps like shown above).

This is an option that you should be choosing when playing any games, not just Shatterline. It helps overall.

That’s everything that you’ll need to know! We hope that this guide will have Increased your FPS by a lot and made you a better player overall in Shatterline! Good luck!

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