Shatterline: Tier 4 Weapon Cost

Congratz! You've made it to Tier 4 in Shatterline. Now let's check out how much a tier 4 weapon would cost!

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In Shatterline you’ll need the biggest guns possible to take down the biggest bosses possible. You can rank the weapons through tiers. As you go higher they are better.

In this guide, we will be talking about the Tier 4 Weapons and how much they cost. Let’s get started.

Tier 4 Weapon Cost – Shatterline

You will want to go for better and better weapons in order to progress and be able to take out the biggest of bosses. There are multiple tiers that you are able to level up with weapons in Shatterline.

The best and most expensive tier is definitely the Tier 4. Not a lot of people have reached it yet just because of how hard it is to get there and the game is fairly new.

The cost of a Tier 4 Weapon in Shatterline is 7500 per piece.

To get this amount of money you will need to be grinding and grinding. You are able to get the first attachment for just 2500. So that’s good.

That is everything that you’ll need to know about the cost of the Tier 4 Weapons in Shatterline. We hope that this guide explained something that you didn’t know before. Have fun grinding tons of hours until you get to buy them!

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