Silt: All Diver Collectible Locations & Find Yourself Trophy Guide

Check out this guide to find all collectible diver locations and obtain the "Find Yourself Trophy" in Silt!

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Silt is a fantasy underwater puzzle game. With all the puzzles, there are hidden areas that you can explore and obtain some collectible items. In this case, there are 4 different locations that the diver can go and obtain essence. Once the essence is obtained, you will be awarded with the “Find Yourself” trophy.

This guide will show you all 4 diver locations and how to obtain the “Find Yourself” trophy in Silt.

Silt: All Diver Collectible Locations & Find Yourself Trophy Guide

Diver Location #1

You will collect this one during the first Goliath Fight.

To find your first clone you need to lure the shark and make her hit the stone above and free the hidden fish.

Second thing, once you’re transformed as fish, go in the next enterance eat the rope and releaf the big stone.

Once the stone is down, lure the shark to hit in it and a big hole will be made underground. There you will find your first clone.

Diver Location #2

This one is located in the area right of the tree.

Once you’re inside go up.

Enter the marked path on your left and go to the top of it.

There will be your second clone.

Diver Location #3

Your third clone is located in the room left from the crane used to catch the crab.

Go right and switch both controllers on their right side. The first one I to open the way to your clone, and the other one is to move the elevator one floor up.

Once you’re up go left, pass the crab and the crane and connect with your 3rd clone successfully.

Diver Location #4

And the last one is located right of the final Goliath.

You will need to go behind the big long snake-shaped light and use it to pass the ropes that are blocking the under road.

Send light signals to the creatures there and turn left to get your last clone.

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