The Kraken Tree is giving you trouble? Check out this guide to see how to defeat the Kraken Tree in Slit.

Silt is a fantasy underwater puzzle game. With all the puzzles, there are hidden areas that you can explore and obtain some collectible items. You will stumble upon bosses, one of them being the Kraken Tree. It may be hard for some players to defeat, not to worry, we got you covered!

This guide will show you how to defeat the Kraken Tree boss in Slit.

Silt: How To Defeat Kraken Tree (Second Goliath Boss Fight)

The second boss of this game is the Kraken Tree. Once you stumble into his arena, it will erupt from all the roots.

As the Kraken Tree ascends, he will begin sucking some white essence. The boss fight is pretty simple. You will see some small fish that are swimming around the area, your job is to take control over one group of fish and begin swimming around.

You will find a total of 3 areas where fish are swimming. Swim to the top and bottom left side of the arena to gather a bunch of fish, and then enter the roots area from where the white essence is coming to get some black poisonous essence.

When all the fish are contaminated, swim up to the mouth of the boss and wait for it to open up. Once the mouth opens up, swim into him and watch how the boss will get poisoned.

Poisoning the boss will cause his heart to come out which you can absorb.

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