Silt: How To Defeat Spider Crab (Third Goliath Boss Fight)

The Spider Crab is giving you trouble? Check out this guide to see how to defeat the Spider Crab in Slit.

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Silt is a fantasy underwater puzzle game. With all the puzzles, there are hidden areas that you can explore and obtain some collectible items. You will stumble upon bosses, one of them being the Spider Crab. This boss can be a pain to beat. Not to worry!

This guide will show you how to defeat the Spider Crab boss in Silt.

Silt: How To Defeat Spider Crab (Third Goliath Boss Fight)

As you dive down to the sunken construction area, the giant Spider Crab will appear.

The first step that you must to begin damaging the boss, is that you need to use your light and control a whisp of light. On the left side, just over some wires you will find a Pirana that you can control which will cut off both the wires from the left and right side of the arena.

On both of the sides that you have freed up, you will find electrical eels that you can control. You need to control both of the eels to send power to the circles to attract the boss.

When both of the eels have activated the two lights, the boss will drop down in the middle of the arena and the gate under him will open up, which can lead him to his death.

The boss’s hands and legs will be held up from the sides and prevent him from falling. Take control over an eel and begin swimming through his ankles to prevent him from holding up and winning the fight.

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